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01. What is Chiwawa?


Chiwawa is an online marketplace dedicated to Chinese classes for kids aged 3-12. We curate a wide range of interest-based virtual lessons across art, music, drama, sports, science, coding and much more. Our classes offer full Cantonese and Mandarin immersion for children outside of Chinese-speaking countries, through fun, interactive and engaging activities. All classes are conducted live, in small-groups and aimed at supplementing and complementing regular school curriculums.

02. How are classes conducted?


All Chiwawa classes are conducted live via Zoom video conferencing. Class details including subject, time and duration are set via the tutor but offered on the Chiwawa platform. As such, communication between tutor and student is handled directly by Chiwawa.

03. Who is Chiwawa for?


Chiwawa welcomes learners of all backgrounds and abilities! Chiwawa is committed to offering a wide variety of class topics and formats to meet the needs of different families.

04. What level of language competency does my child fall under?


Below are the guidelines for our language competency levels, these are by no means exhaustive and serve only to provide a reference for enrolment onto a class.


Beginner - At this language level, a student can recognise simple characters, say basic sentences, including asking and answering simple questions. This is essentially the starting point of the language proficiency levels, and reflects a student who has begun to study a language. (Reference: 10-20 characters)


Improver - At the Improver level, students are able to carry casual conversations and express themselves in four to five sentences at a go. Students at this level will still need help with more extensive conversations.(Reference: 20-50 characters)


Advanced - Students at the Advanced level will have extensive vocabulary that enable them to effortless communicate with others, forming longer, uninterrupted statements. They will easily handle familiar topics and are able to recombine learned material to express themselves. Students may still require support on grammar and pronunciation, as these can often be influenced by their first language. (Reference: 50-100 characters)

Native - Students that the Native level can express themselves just as fluently as native speakers. They can communication on a broad range of topics, from reality to more abstract concepts. They should be able to speak at length without much hesitation. (Reference: 100+ characters)

05. What’s different about Chiwawa compared to other Chinese classes?


Chiwawa is the only online marketplace dedicated to Chinese extra-curricular learning for kids, delivering a wide range of interest topics aimed at both language immersion and educational outcomes.

We screen every teacher or organisation, try and test class formats, and work with teachers to customise their class content to ensure a high quality learning experience. We are confident that you will always find a great class that match your learners’ interest and passion!

06. How much does each class cost?


Chiwawa is free to join, there is no subscription or credit system. We operate on a simple pay-per-class system, with seasonal discounts available. Our drop in structure is to ensure full flexibility for busy families. Each class is priced based on class format, duration, size, and teacher preference. Please refer to individual class listings for full details.

07. What do I need to prepare ahead of an online class?


Learners are encouraged to participate in their live online class at a quiet location in their natural environment. You can download Zoom ahead of time and will need a device with a working web camera and microphone, as well as a stable internet connection. In some cases such as coding classes, a laptop rather than a tablet would be required.

Some classes will require third party apps and platforms, as well as material lists which will be provided ahead of time to provide sufficient preparation time.

08. How can I pay for class?


Chiwawa classes operate on a pay-per-class system, offering full flexibility for parents without the pressure of a course commitment. However, some class subjects work better as a full course and where this is the case, both options will be provided.


Currently, Chiwawa is accepting payments via PayPal and expect to transition towards a web integrated payment system for one-stop convenience. This payment system will be compatible with all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

09. Do I need to sign up to a package?


Chiwawa offers classes on a single-class drop in basis, with the option to purchase a package for convenience. Seasonal discounts will also be made available for package subscription so be sure to follow our social media (Facebook & Instagram) on @Chiwawa.Chinese!

10. How do you vet your teachers?


We take teaching quality with the utmost importance at Chiwawa. We review the professional experience and education of all native Chinese speaking teachers and curate the best classes based on professionalism, subject matter expertise, experience, as well as passion. We conduct live interviews with each of our selected tutors or organisations and each class is tried and tested by our team of young vetters before offered to the public, ensuring each class reaches our expected quality, teaching outcomes as well as fun and engagement level!

11. What curriculum does Chiwawa follow?


Chiwawa classes are aimed at learners aged 3-12. As we are a global platform with students of varying Chinese language abilities, we do not currently follow a preset curriculum. Our classes are offered as extra-curricular activities that aim to inspire curiosity, and drive students’ self-learning, all based on interest and passion.

While we do not subscribe to a fixed curriculum, each class listing includes expected learning outcomes and details what activities will be experienced in class.

12. Does Chiwawa cater to students with special education needs?


At Chiwawa, we promote cultural empathy and inclusiveness. We welcome students of all abilities and all backgrounds. Our tutors are selected based on professionalism and integrity, and are open to adjusting and adapting classes based on specific needs. If you see a class that you like, please message us directly and we will ensure that a suitable class is matched and adapted to fit your family’s requirements.

13. What if I am not satisfied with the class?


We take pride in the quality of our classes at Chiwawa and trust that your learner will come away inspired and encouraged. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the class, please email us at and we would be glad to address your concerns. We are grateful for all feedback to allow us to continually improve our service offerings.

14. What is the cancellation policy?


We fully understand that life gets in the way at times, especially with children! Parents may opt to join a different class time if they cancel 24 hours prior to class time. Parents will receive a full refund if they cancel 48 hours prior to class start time. Should the teacher cancel a class in advance of the class, parents will also receive a full refund plus US$5 spending credit for use within a month.

Parents FAQ

01. How does Chiwawa work for tutors?


Chiwawa is an online marketplace for tutors to schedule and promote their own online classes. We enable tutors to reach a global community interested in learning, immersing and improving their Chinese, whether it is listening, speaking or writing. Chiwawa is the only platform that consolidates and makes learning Chinese fun for children, and our team is committed to reaching the widest possible audience through active marketing and promotion. We simplify the logistical arrangements so you can deliver the best learning experience knowing that Chiwawa is supporting your outreach!

02. What classes can I teach?

Chiwawa welcomes a wide variety of class offerings, to keep our learners interested and engaged, as well as to cater to children with all sorts of passions and interests. We encourage tutors to teach on subjects that they are passionate about, and have ample experience and expertise in.


We recommend listing classes with specific topic areas, as well as learning outcomes, and materials required, so parents are able to know exactly what their learners will experience. We suggest classes to be as interactive as possible, between tutor and leaner such that adult / caregiver support is only minimally required (if at all).

03. How much earnings will I get?

Your earnings per class will depend on the price of your class and the number of enrolled learners. You will receive 70% of the listed price and Chiwawa will collect 30% service fee. Payment will be made via PayPal within 14 days of your class completion. 

04. Can I promote my other classes on Chiwawa?

Chiwawa does not allow tutors to promote classes other than those listed on our platform. This ensures that all tutors have fair and equal exposure to our community of learners. Direct contact exchange between tutor and learner/parent is also against our Terms & Conditions, before, during, or after class. Any tutor found disrespecting this will be immediately disqualified.

05. What geographies does Chiwawa operate in?

Chiwawa is an online platform open to audiences globally. In order to enhance our offerings across different time zones, tutors may be located in Europe, US, Asia and Australia, and warrants that he/she is entitled to work in his/her country without any additional approvals.

06. Who can teach and how do I become a Chiwawa tutor?


Chiwawa does not require formal teaching accreditation. However, we do undertake rigorous vetting in order to select and accept Chiwawa tutors.


All tutors must provide their CV which details their teaching experience and subject expertise. To apply, you will need to submit these, along with a short introductory video about yourself, your experience and what you hope to teach to . Our team will then get in touch to arrange a live online interview and trial test with our young vetters. Once approved and accepted, we will undertake a background check with your support. As soon as the process has been cleared, you are set to list your classes for review! Don’t worry, we will send you a video tutorial on how to set up your account and list your first class!

07. How does the star rating system work?

After each class, students may rate or review your class. These ratings and reviews would be made available on our class page. For organisations, the rating would be for the organisations itself rather than the teacher who taught on behalf of your organisation.

08. We are an organisation, can we teach at Chiwawa?

If you are an organisation and wish to join our platform, you can send us an enquiry on We welcome organisations who use a fully immersive Mandarin or Cantonese extra curricular teaching style.

Tutor FAQ