Chinese Books to Celebrate World Wildlife Day (3 March 2021)

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Today is World Wildlife Day! A global celebration of all the wonderful animals and flora and fauna found on Planet Earth, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of conservation to children of all ages. It is a fantastic time to educate them on the dangers that threaten the survival of many species, and what we can do to help endangered animals both local and international. We have invited WWF-Hong Kong to curate a list of Chinese storybooks that would make wonderful resources to your home, centre or school! Check them out below and share Chinese learning fun with your friends and families.


One day, a new neighbour went to the village of Xiaoxingren. After a while, the new neighbour did not come out to meet everyone. It turned out that he ate a lot of meat, which made him uncomfortable. At last, Xiaoxing people cooked a healthy vegetarian meal for him, and he was fine. The story hopes to bring out the benefits of a vegetarian diet and a balanced diet.


Written and illustrated by: Carmen Lym


This book is the first bird guide for Hong Kong aimed specifically at children. It covers 118 species in Hong Kong written in both Chinese and English. It is printed with 12 pages of colourful stickers for each species for children to affix them to the main text.

Author: Tim & Thelma Woodward


The scavenger is the guardian of the early morning, always preventing the beautiful South Island from being contaminated by garbage. One day, the scavenger was too tired and overslept. The small animal inhabitants of the South Island discovered the existence of plastic bottles for the first time! They initially explored with curiosity, yet soon enough, they discovered the fatal dangers of plastic bottles. The brave little wild boar decided to find a way to help his animal friends and rescue them out of trouble.

Age: 3-9

Written by: Chan Chak Lam

Illustrated by: Man Chun Yip


One day, after Xiaomei and her mother had made a rabbit craft out of recycled materials, they ventured to grandma's house for dinner. On their way, Xiaomei spotted many animals, all made by other children using various recycled and environmentally friendly materials! The encounter opened up Xiaomei's eyes to the many countless possibilities of "garbage".

Age: 3-9

Written & illustrated by: Mandy Chan

A Story of Ocean Plastics (FREE E-BOOK!)

A short story that follows the journey of three friends, Charlie, Victor and Kathy, as they learn about the impact of plastic pollution in the oceans, and how single-use plastics pose damaging effects to millions of marine animals and seabirds each year. Download your free e-book now and start making an impact! Published by: WWF Hong Kong Sponsored by: covestro

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We hope you enjoy the reading resources, and that they help to make Chinese learning fun, educational and interactive!

Team Chiwawa x

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