CNY Upcycled Dragon Puppet

Create an eco Chinese New Year dragon puppet using materials around the home! Your kids will have heaps of fun painting, decorating and playing with their DIY toy!

What you will need:

- 2 egg carton boxes (boxes of 6 + one extra pair for the eyes)

- 3 tissue rolls

- ribbon

- glue gun

- paint

- coloured paper

- googley eyes / pom poms / tissue paper (optional)


  1. Paint one egg carton in colour of choice. Then cut up second egg carton so you have three sets of two egg cups. Paint them in gold and for your extra pair of egg cups, paint in colour of choice for the eyes.

2. Paint three tissue rolls in a variety of colous. Then glue gun the gold egg cartons onto the tissue rolls. This will form the dragon's body and spine.

3. Let dry and assemble the eyes to the dragon's head with glue gun. Add googley eyes, pom pom nostrils and tissue paper fire (or draw on!). You can also cut out fiery shapes for the sides of the dragon's head.

4. Thread a ribbon through the tissue rolls and secure using glue gun. Then attach to the dragon's head.

5. Poke a hole at the bottom of the dragon's head and the last two tissue rolls then insert a pencil /chopstick / barbeque stick. Your dragon puppet is ready to dance!


Team Chiwawa xoxo


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