Know your flags!

Missing the Olympics already? Chiwawa has you covered with our free flag activity sheet! Get to know all the different states and regions and place them in their correct continents!

The Summer Olympics has been hosted on five continents by nineteen countries to date. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 saw the participation of 206 National Olympic Committees (NOC) Member States, so it was the perfect opportunity to learn about all the different flags and countries around the world!

From Chiwawa's home of Hong Kong, we were so proud of our athletes having won 6 medals this year, wrapping up the city's most successful performance at the Olympic Games so far! To celebrate, we have prepared this free downloadable resource for your kids to colour, cut, write, learn and play, all in Chinese! There are two options, one for more advanced learners and one for beginners. We certainly learnt new things ourselves doing it with the kiddos!


- A3 print out of the maps

- A4 print out of the flags

- Book or tablet for referencing

- Playdough

- Toothpicks

- Cellotape, Scissors


  1. Print out your map and flag pages from the downloadable PDF below (we suggest A3 size for easier colouring and sticking for little fingers!)

  2. Research flags and colour in. You don't need to complete all! Can simply do the ones that interest your child

  3. Trace the Chinese characters and read them aloud

  4. Cut out the flags. We included the Chinese names

  5. Stick toothpicks to the back of the flags with cellotape

  6. Find the locations on your map to match the flags! Advanced learners can use the map with crosses; beginners can use the map with numbers to match the numbered flags

Download PDF • 1.06MB


Join Chiwawa and make learning Chinese for kids fun! Team Chiwawa xoxo

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