Recycling Chinese Worksheet

Chiwawa is thrilled to launch a series of Chinese worksheets, offered as free resources for our community! Each worksheet has been designed to be fun and engaging, and includes cutting, pasting, Chinese vocabulary and writing practice. There are myriad ways of using them, so be sure to subscribe and check out our new downloadable resources!

We are starting off this week with a fun recycling sorting game. While it's wonderful that Earth day is celebrated once a year, we hope that being environmentally conscious comes as a year-round habit! We want to raise awareness with our kids, but we also want to turn this into lifelong habits. This worksheet can act as a starting point, then take a look around the house and discuss what items can be recycled and and what needs to be trashed for added interaction and engagement!


♻️ 減少 , 再用 , 回收 ♻️

How to play:

  1. You can cut out the objects on the right and sort them into the right bins (these recycling bins are based on ones found across Hong Kong!)

  2. For more advanced level, you can cut out the words and sort them into the right bins

  3. You can also match the characters to the objects

  4. Kids can also come up with their own ideas if they want to add to it!

Ready for some recycling fun? Download your free printable here!

Recycling Chinese Printable
Download • 364KB

Have fun, and remember to save paper!

Team Chiwawa x

Illustrations by: @laetxtia.rt

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