Water Cycle Chinese Worksheet

Updated: May 11, 2021

Make learning about the water cycle fun! If you're looking for a fantastic way to start teaching children about science in Chinese, this free, interactive and educational worksheet offers a hands-on experience to explore the natural world.

The world’s water moves between lakes, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere and the land in an ongoing cycle. As it goes through this continuous system, it can be a liquid (water), a gas (vapour) or a solid (ice). Take a look through the different stages of this cycle, called the water cycle, with Chiwawa!

Our Chiwawa self-developed worksheet has been tried and tested. From colouring in, cutting, sticking, to labelling, it provides an engaging learning experience. Helping children visualise complex natural cycles is the first step towards understanding basic scientific processes like the water cycle. Simply download the PDF, print out and get into action and learn all about water, because the Earth's been recylcing it for over 4 billion years!

Encourage children to look through their windows at the magical, changing world they see every day. Looking at clouds outside is a great way to encourage kids to ask questions, or simply do this on a rainy day, a resource perfect to complement any weather.

Prepare your materials: - Printed worksheet

- Pen/pencil

- Colouring Pens/pencils

- Scissors and glue

- Colour in your water cycle picture -Trace over the Chinese characters to practice writing skills - Cut out the vocabulary and match to the solid boxes on the water cycle - Cut out the boxes with dotted lines

- Cut out both circles

- Layer on top of one another and use a paper fastener to secure

- Your water cycle is ready!

Download your free

Water Cycle 水循環

Chinese worksheet now!

Download PDF • 2.10MB

Join Chiwawa and make learning

Chinese fun for kids!


Team Chiwawa


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